XV – Zero Heroes (mixtape)

The plan was to write a review for this tape, but after the first listen I felt bad about holding it back from you guys. Plus I have a bunch of other commitments so getting a decent write up done in the next week was always going to be unlikely.

Besides, anyone who’s heard any of the tracks that were leaked in the build up to the tape’s release will need no encouragement to download the entire project. Out of the 10 brand new tracks (2 of which are interludes) the real standout is Textbook Stuff  featuring Kendrick Lamar (‘don’t violate my patience, i’m waiting… to kill a man’). The playful, almost childlike hook is complemented by strong verses from two of the games brightest stars.

Hip hop isn’t dead, you’ve just been listening to the wrong artists.

XV – Zero Heroes

4 thoughts on “XV – Zero Heroes (mixtape)

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