J-$ylla – Music Over Everything (mixtape)

Don’t you just love it when you put faith in someone and they come good? There have been times over the past 6 months when i’ve given artists props and exposure only for them to get lazy/fall off. One guy you can’t accuse of such behaviour is Jesus Sylla.

The Miami rapper has been putting in work finishing up his Music Over Everything mixtape, a twelve track project that exhibits not only his rapping ability, but also a singing voice that I didn’t realise he had until I ran into his hook on I Get Out. Features and production comes from the likes of BYOS regulars Derek Rodriguez and Gabriel Duarte. EDIT: Just listened again, and that intro is too nice.  If nothing else, at least make sure you check that.

3 thoughts on “J-$ylla – Music Over Everything (mixtape)

  1. Wow !!!! this mixtape album by J$ylla is over the top,,really liked his lyrics !!!!!!!! good music !!! Congrats,,and a great article by the way !!!!!!

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