Jelani – Extravaganza (prod. Durkin)

Pop quiz time: name 3 rappers with fewer than 1000 twitter followers who have more talent than Jelani (answers in the c-section).

Actually it’s a trick question. The New York MC has been as consistent as anyone in 2011 and in Extravaganza he has a lyrical beast that could, and should, take his career to the next level.

The concept was to take the prefix “ex”, and other words with a syllable that stressed the “ex” sound, and flip it into a cohesive song.  Lyrical Show + “Ex” Words = The Extravaganza, fittingly. I flipped it 67 times in the song.

Jelani – Extravaganza (prod. Durkin)

2 thoughts on “Jelani – Extravaganza (prod. Durkin)

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