Bring Your Own Article: A Band + A Man = Abandoman

Phase one of taking the site to the next level sees the birth of the Bring Your Own Swag guest blog. Basically anytime I feel like i’m not qualified enough to comment on an artist (or if i’m just too lazy to) i’m gonna palm it off on somebody else. Hit me with a message if you wanna contribute a piece to the site. In the meantime it’s over to Tom Head, a real guy’s guy. 

Musical comedy: It certainly can be very hit and miss, proving to be the ‘marmite’ genre of both stand-up and music itself. Scripting a song that can provoke a raucous chorus of laughter is an incredibly tough act, and very few artists have it nailed… 

Abandoman, an Irish hip-hop comedy duo, are the latest addition to this rather exclusive club. Taking improvisation to a fearless new level, their spontaneous rap and innovative crowd interaction is as genius as it is side-splitting. After storming the Edinburgh Festival two years running and winning the 2010 Musical Comedy Awards, critics have been in awe of these truly unique jesters.

Taking to the stage, they take pride in claiming that they are ‘Ireland’s seventh biggest hip-hop act’, and maintain that they have a long way to go before they can overtake John and Edward Grimes (those little cretins better known as ‘Jedward’). Introducing their performance, they ask the audience to hold up the oddest item they have with them. Confusion and a spellbinding wave of wonder grips the room, but even those with the highest of expectations could not have expected the lyrical master class that came their way.

Weaving through the crowd, frontman Rob Broderick reels off a flawless metronomic verse, switching effortlessly from deodorant, to tampons, to lube… Broderick recalls at one gig earlier in the year, he was handed a prosthetic limb by a very keen, if not brave, audience member. ‘What’s In Your Pocket?’ is certainly the hallmark of Abandoman, but not the only weapon in their comedy arsenal. ‘Heroes and Villains’ can pit any two people together (YouTube footage of a David Hasselhoff and Bananaman confrontation is a hidden gem), plus they do a killer Jay-Z send-up that even Beyoncé would find herself swooning over!

After a successful time on the festival circuit this summer, Abandoman are touring the UK throughout September, and are on the verge of bigger and better things. Simply incomparable, you’ll have to make your own decisions: Whether you find them funny or not is one thing, but no one could argue with their gutsy approach and a tapestry of rap that could make a rhyming dictionary blush.

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