Best of 2011: Anything by…The Weeknd

2011 was the year of RnB. When I talk about RnB I don’t mean the stuff you dance and get all freaky to in the club, I mean the music that you play when you get home from the club. When the baby boom of 2012 hits I’m holding one man responsible. People have been critical of The Weeknd for essentially making three mixtapes about syrup and strippers, but when it sounds this good who cares.

You don’t listen to The Weeknd for his lyrical ability, you listen for the smooth as silk vocals and moody basslines. You listen for the patient build ups and the rewarding hooks, which are often as impromptu and surprising as the release of his projects. If you’re not on the bandwagon yet you need to stop ignoring my advice and check out one of the three tapes he dropped this year.

The Weeknd – House of Balloons / Thursday / Echoes of Silences

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