Call a bitch a bitch, a ho a ho, a woman a woman?

Anyone who has ever had a conversation with me about music will know how I feel about Rihanna. Basically Take a Bow is her best song and it’s a shame she went the same way as almost every other modern day pop star, because she’s actually pretty talented.

Maybe I’m not always as succinct and politically correct as that, but next to Glasses Malone I look like the founder of the Rihanna Appreciation Society right now.

It bothers me that just by writing this I’m playing the game, but since writing my dissertation on the way society sees hip-hop it’s been more difficult to just skip by this type of story.

Honestly there have been more shocking songs released in 2012 but when you drop Rihanna’s name things escalate much faster. Regardless of Malone’s intentions with this song – some of the lyrics are actually quite pertinent, if you piss in the wind you shouldn’t be surprised when your shoes get wet – the average listener is only going to hear the hook.

I guess the real problem I have here is not only that a veteran has to stoop to this level in an attempt to keep himself relevant, but that it’s clearly working. It’s been more than a year since I last posted Malone, and #Rihanna already has more youtube hits in two days than Average managed in almost two months.

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