KRS-One – Sound of da Police

We spend a lot of time promoting new music, but hip-hop wasn’t always blogs and itunes. Let me take a trip down memory lane.

Not content with being a classic in its own right, Sound of Da Police inspired the hook on Jay-Z’s Takeover and countless other, less esteemed, tracks. KRS One’s take on police exploitation is hip-hop in its most provocative form as, with all the vigor but none of the expletives, he invokes his inner N.W.A.

The chorus has resonated with rap and non rap fans ever since Return of the Boom Bap was released but every bit as powerful is the scathing second verse. It’s important to challenge what you see on the TV and hear on the radio, but KRS rhymed with an authority that almost made you abandon these sensibilities.

Without music the struggles of black  minorities may sometimes be difficult to comprehend for a white kid from a comparitively comfortable background. My history teacher didn’t teach me about the Rodney King riots, hip-hop did. Just as the BBC didn’t tell me about Trayvon Martin or Troy Davies. Rap music will always be the black CNN, and in his prime KRS was the lead anchor.

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