Lupe Fiasco – Lamborghini Angels (prod. Boi-1da)

If there’s one album that I want to be good more than any others this year it’s FNL2. And I don’t mean record sales good, because we all know how that works. Although if anyone deserves a platinum plaque it’s Lupe.

Forget about his unparalleled control of the English language and slick delivery. And for now disregard his almost unblemished beat selection history. What he really should be commended for is his bravery. For tackling issues that most artists would have omitted from records and blacklisted from interviews for fear that they would turn off the narrow minded mainstream audience. I wonder what 2Chainz thinks about planned obsolescence.

After the success of Lasers he could’ve continued to pursue the mainstream fans and radio hits but instead Lupe seems to have distanced himself more than ever from that scene by tackling issues of race and sex on his first two singles. And for his next trick Lupe will talk about lobotomies, exorcisms and pedophilia. No really.

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