Slaughterhouse – Truth or Truth

Jay-Z is God to me/Nas is God to me/Eminem is like Big and Pac to me/ And if you disagree I hope you bleed hypocrisy.

Y’all interrupt a n*gga while he at his place of worship/And think that came along with your $20 purchase/You bought the music not the n*gga that made it.

So many secrets I only told to a glass of patron/Half of my fathers family died of cancer alone/He called me sick, I didn’t answer the phone/How does it feel to know your son doesn’t care/Cause you wasn’t there, life wasn’t fair.

I got such a hangover celebrating the fact my mother become sober/My uncle fading from that needle though/Found out he fully blown a couple weeks ago/My aunt tested negative but it’s the same result/She gon’ die on the same day he stop breathing yo.

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