Alicia Keys – Not Even The King

If this doesn’t dominate the airwaves in the coming months there really is no God. From the first line (Some people so poor all  that they got is moneyto the last (They can’t afford what we got, not even the King) Alicia wrestles with your emotions, forcing you to confront and acknowledge what’s really important in life. Girl On Fire  may be a fun song for girls to sing in the club but anyone who has followed Alicia since Songs in A Minor has been waiting for this.

The piano arrangement is suitably simple, with a basic chord progression doing most of the work whilst not distracting at all from the perfect lyricism. Alicia is perfect vocally here too. Her incredible range is indisputable but there are few people who can deliver mellow, soft performances the way she does.

Everybody with a laptop and a microphone is gonna cover this one.

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