K. Sparks – Leaders (prod. Fero Navi)

K. Sparks really wasn’t on my radar until I put a tweet out asking for new music and a follower sent me this track. It will live on his upcoming Read Between the Lines album, a project that was sold to me by two of Sparks own tweets.

The theme is to challenge what the media feeds you. Read between the lines. Don’t take anything for face value. Be an independent thinker

And I’m challenging artist to stop bragging how nice they are on the mic, or how much money they got. It’s corny, played out, and tacky

I’m all for people listening to and enjoying what they like but I’m with Sparks in demanding more versatility and less narcissism from the genre. He backs up his words on record here as he takes rappers to task for the ambiguous messages they’re putting out and challenges them to challenge themselves.

Could’ve wrote Jesus Walks and that be the joint, but if my other songs degrading women then what be the point.

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