Journalist 103 – Walk With Me (prod. Oddisee)

Ever since his rise to underground hip-hop prominence as a member of The Left, Journalist 103 has been regarded as one of Detroit’s most revered lyricists and one of hip-hops most promising MCs. Journalist 103 sounds at home over the abundant jazz instrumentations of Oddisee, as he invites listeners on a journey through his psyche on “Walk With Me.” The track exemplifies Journalist’s lyrical capabilities and demonstrates why refers to him as “a ground level street reporter with a message we need to hear.”

Excuse the copy and paste job, with my inbox constantly filling up with new music it’s impossible to keep tabs on everything. I have it under good authority that 103 has been heating up for a while now and this track should be a good introduction to anyone who, like me, is a newcomer to his work. @Journalist103 if you want to know where the man eats lunch.

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