Fabolous – The Soul Tape 2 (mixtape)

Sometimes there are rappers who you only like/prefer in a certain form. It’s true that, due to the creative freedom that the format affords them, a lot of artists produce better mixtapes than albums these days (two rappers who may fall into that category, Wale and J. Cole, feature here). Fabolous’ TNIC projects always perform well but for me his best work has been on his soul tapes.

Fabo calls on many of the same producers who crafted the original Soul Tape back in 2011 (Sonaro, Streetrunner, Cardiak etc.) whilst also calling AraabMuzik, who has risen through the ranks in the 20+ months between parts 1 and 2. As for guest features he largely rides solo through the first half of the tape before bringing in Cole, Wale, Pusha T and Joe Budden to help close out the show. This is every bit as strong as the incredible original. Instant download for me but you can stream the tracks by clicking on the link below if you need more convincing.

Fabolous – The Soul Tape 2

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