SmCity & DJ Dub Floyd – Immortals: Curtis Mayfield

What ya’ll know about that Curtis May? 

Mixes like these are not only a great way to spend 10 minutes, but they are also invaluable in preserving the legend of musics pioneers and masters. Many people use the word classic without truly understanding the compliment they are bestowing or the music they are giving it to. It’s become one of a series of buzzwords that are often used when we’re not particularly familiar with something yet know we are supposed to be.

This mix acts as a gateway not only to Curtis Mayfield’s storied back catalogue but as an introduction to Washington’s SmCity. He did feature on the site a while back but thanks to my poor organisation skills and the fact that everyone’s a rapper nowadays this is his first post in over a year.

This mix is hardly flawless but what it does show, besides his lyrical ability, is SmCity’s passion for music and his appreciation for its history. If this doesn’t make you want to get hold of a Curtis Mayfield album then I’m afraid there is no hope left for you.

SmCity & DJ Dubb Floyd – Immortals: Curtis Mayfield

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